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Instant Obedience Solutions 

Instant Dog Obedience offers a wide range of obedience training solutions and services to get your best canine pal off to a great start in your family, or back on track if s/he has developed behavioral issues later in life. You can choose from individual "Pay As You Go" sessions, Introductory Packages to get "A Tase Of Instant Dog Obedience," or, if you are serious about achieving massive results quickly, you will want to apply for one of our exclusive full solution Guaranteed In-Home Immersion Packages which include support for the Life Of Your Dog! We also offer dog walking and pet sitting services to complement and continue to reinforce your dog's training on an ongoing basis, while at the same time ensuring that your home, as well as your precious pooch, are well cared for when you are away. What could be better than having your trainer continue to visit for regular "tune ups" with your dog? It is this combination of services that makes us unique!

All new clients MUST complete a FREE Consultation prior to scheduling any training service (click below to schedule it today!). Existing clients, after you have invested in your desired services and/or Packages, click below to schedule them on our Online Calendar (you may also want to check our Calendar prior to investing to ensure availability of your desired days/times):

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Training Commands and Topics Included In Our Solutions:
  • Basic Obedience - Focus, SitDown, Stand, Sit StayDown StayReleaseComeHeel, Loose Leash Walking, Boundary Control
  • Advanced Obedience - Off-leash work, group classes, working with distractions
  • Socializing - Methods of introducing dogs to each other to ensure a well-adjusted dog in any setting
  • Boundary Control - Door DashingCurb Training
  • Problem Solving - Housebreaking, Barking, Digging, Separation Anxiety, Aggression

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