Instant Dog Obedience - Connect - Program - Release
Imagine having a dog so focused on you that regardless of distractions, he/she INSTANTLY follows your commands almost as if reading your mind, both on and off leash!

The Howard Method will teach you HOW to achieve Instant Dog Obedience like this with a simple 3-Step System that even a child can do, a system that only takes 5 minutes a day, enabling you to perform CPR on your dysfunctional relationship with your family dog by learning to:

(1) CONNECT with your dog to communicate in a way you never thought possible
(2) PROGRAM your dog for success as a respectable family member
(3) RELEASE your dog, but retain control, as if it were still on leash!

That's what we do here at Instant Dog Obedience (AKA Aralake Dog Training to our earlier clients). We enable dog owners like you to develop a relationship with their dogs like this! And we would love, absolutely adore, finding out the best time to reveal how you will establish a lifelong communication system like this with your dog, at absolutely no charge during a free, no-obligation consultation! Ready to start achieving Instant Dog Obedience? Then click below to...
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But it doesn't just end with training! When you can't be home, whether because of work, vacation, or other obligations, you want your pooch taken care of with the same love and attention you give. That's exactly what we also provide as additional dog walking and pet sitting services, because we love dogs, as well as all pets!
Are you ready to take the step that will ensure your dog gets off on the right paw, or back on the right paw?  Contact us TODAY at (562) 264-5585 to schedule your FREE no obligation consultation or for more information. Can't wait? Schedule your consultation or any of our other services online RIGHT NOW!
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